Bruno Ludewig GmbH   
Waldstrasse 13 - D-48488 Emsbüren   
Tel.: 05903-93040  Fax: 05903-930423   



Dyestuffs and Pigments for textile, leather, paper and other industries.


We buy, since 1926, surplus dyes and pigments, mainly from companies in the textile, leather and paper industry, and we sell them, with guarantee and a substantial rebate, to numerous factories in these industries:



laboratory tested


conform to standard
  at reduced price
  also small quantities without surcharge

Should you need a product, dye or a pigment, not supplied any longer by the manufacture, we shall gladly try and find it for you.

  Bruno Ludewig GmbH Waldstrasse 13 D-48488 Emsbüren

  Tel.: 0 59 03 - 9 30 40 Fax: 0 59 03 - 93 04 23

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